Teens Holding Things has become a way for youths to not only show off their favorite products but to do it in a cutesy and semi-ironic fashion. These images capture bright and bold brands within the context of a teenager's personal space, almost absorbing the product into their online persona and acting as an accessory whose flashy colors and dynamic graphics act as a counterpoint to their varied surroundings.

The text itself is borrowed and adapted from the anodyne and often romantic-themed advice doled out and shared by the site's teen users. There is no logo in the corner, and there are few references to the products themselves. Rather, this layout allows them to think of the product on their own and create their own context.

The goal is to ride that fine line between advertising and user content, but rather than spitting in the soup to make it our own, we're adding some salt and pepper to broaden the appeal while leaving the base ingredients the same.