Below is a selection of images and GIFs produced and designed for Downtown Records featured on Instagram, as web advertisements and still images for official audio tracks on YouTube.

Tour flyer for Lola Kirke's Friends and Foes and Friends Again tour with Odetta Hartman

@downtown_records // September 2019

Instagram post for Lola Kirke's Friends and Foes and Friends Again, her third studio album released on September 13, 2019 on Downtown Records

@downtown_records // September 2019

GIFs made from artwork featured on Lola Kirke's second studio album, Heart Head West released March 2, 2018 on Downtown Records

@downtown_records // August 2018

Banner advertisement for Heart Head West by Lola Kirke

AquariumDrunkard // October 2018

Banner advertisement for "Fast Talk" by Houses

AllAccess // December 2018

Still backgrounds for Brett Dennen's tracks "Here's Looking At You Kid (Official Audio)" and "Here's Looking At You Kid (Acoustic Version)" featured on Brett Dennen's and Downtown Records' Official YouTube Channels

YouTube // August and September 2018